Prabashi Picnic 2012
Sandbanks Poole


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Just 10 minutes down the coast from Bournemouth lies the famous Sandbanks, Britain’s answer to Monte Carlo and the fourth most expensive place to live in the world.

Sandbanks Poole
2 hrs drive from Woking, 85 miles. No BBQ allowed on the beach.

July 01, 2012(Sunday).

Picnic contribution

The decision is to go for a 45 seater coach. It will be 16 GBP per head in the coach, anybody of age higher than 4 years will need to be paid as well. The coach cost includes driver and fuel as well.

I have the confirmation as of the table below.
Rest of you, who has not confirmed but wish to attend the picnic - please confirm by June 20, 2012 (Rajib:

Last Year Picnic Photos

Ideas for games and fun activities (+ items needed)

Light Volley (Ball, Net, Stand, Rope, Pens)
Volley with a light ball – everybody can play.

Ring Leader (Hula-hoop + Ball)
Passing a ball into a ring.

Balloon Inflating (Balloons and Thread) (for gents)
Inflate balloons as many as you can

Balloon Bursting (Balloon & Thread) (for ladies)
Burst others – keep yours

Musical Chair (Chairs or Place Holders)
The good old all time favorite game

Egg or Water Balloon toss game (Egg or Balloon & Pump)
Throw and catch egg or water balloon from great distance

Mummy Contest (Toilet Tissue Roll)
Make a selected person mummy using toiler paper. The first team with a completely covered mummy wins.

Spoon and Marble Race for children (Spoon + Marble)
No explanation necessary

Tambola (Chips)
Somebody needs to arrange this

Please come up with more ideas.