Prabashi Olympic

Prabashi Sports Day
and Independence Day 2012
Prabashi Park
Same ground that we use for all 'open-air' Prabashi events in Woking
by the side of the Canal and Victoria Road



August 18, 2012 (Saturday)
12:00 noon to 5:00 pm

Events (subject to change)

1.     Indian National Anthem renderation

2.     Children's Sprint, Spoon Race, Musiccal Chair, Javelin, Go As You Like

3.     Men's Balloon Inflating, Discus, Shot Put, Javelin, Tug-of-war, Penalty Shooting, Sac Race (depends on availability)

4.     Women's Light Discus, Javelin, Musical Chair, Balloon Bursting, Tug-of-war

5.     Mixed Volleyball (5-a-side)

6.     Couple Three Legged Race

7.                Closing

Lunch, snacks & cold drinks are arranged

Please send more games ideas to We will try to include them as time permits.


Adults (> 18) 4 GBP / head
Young Adults (5 - 18)  2 GBP / head
Kids (< 5 years) no charge

Please make the payments to the below mentioned account (or bring it in cash directly to ground):

Name: Saibal Guha
Bank: HSBC Bank plc
Account Number: 8273-2955
Sort Code: 40-22-26

Please mention first 4 letters of your name and PSD for e.g. <SAIBPSD> in case I pay the amount.
(PSD = Prabashi Sports Day)

Please send out to all your friends who will be interested to join.

Please contact Saibal Guha at 07901-008343 or at for all further contacts.

Last Year Sports Day Photos